Building upon the School’s established expertise in the field of environmental economics, the centre brings together individuals from a variety of disciplines to examine the complex relationship between economic activity and the environment. The geographic scope of the centre's interests and activities are as global as the environmental issues themselves.

Aside from its focus on firm behaviour, BCEEEM also examines a range of subjects addressing the links between social and economic behaviour and the environment. These subjects are examined at multiple levels of analysis, incorporating individuals, firms, industries and nations.

Energy: The global challenge

earth-600xThe world is faced with many challenging questions to answerabout our future energy supplies. Where will our energy come from? What energy vectors will we use to store and transport energy? How will we use and consume energy in the future?

In answering these questions, due consideration must be givento global competition for scarce resources. Furthermore weneed to consider the need to live within our environmental constraints. The latest global goals for decarbonisation coming from COP21 will surely influence our future energy mix. Closer to home our attention is drawn to local environmentalissues such as air quality and the impact of waste.

The solutions to our energy challenges are not only technical,but also informed by business, economics, law and policy.The Birmingham Centre for Environmental & Energy Economics & Management complements the University of Birmingham’s expertise in energy technologies by providing a complementary economic, business and social-science perspective on our global energy challenges.