Centre for Sustinable Cooling 

Centre for Sustainable Cooling LogoEffective cooling is essential to preserve food and medicines. It is key within sustainable urbanisation, it underpins economic growth, and provides a ladder out of rural poverty. However, unmanaged growth in cooling, especially in emerging and fast-growing markets, represents one of the largest threats to climate goals, natural resources and energy resilience. Meeting societal and technological needs for cooling and increasing demand in developed and developing economies without catastrophic environmental impact requires the development of sustainable and equitable ‘clean cooling’ energy systems and technologies. 

The Centre for Sustainable Cooling (CSC) is a hub for academics, technical experts, policy makers, INGOs, local communities and industry experts to come together to resolve heat related challenges with sustainable cooling and cold chain solutions.

The CSC’s advanced processes and collaborative approach looks at every aspect of creating solutions at system level considering the wellbeing of the environment and society. 

The CSC's research is focused on the post-harvest practices, storage and distribution of food and other cold chain goods such as vaccines. Technology and solutions aim to be renewable, develop skills, have financial incentives and can be commercialised and accessible.

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