National Projects 

The Centre for Sustainable Cooling is also supporting projects across the UK to help reach our shared national target to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Zero-Emission Cold-Chain

The food industry is the largest manufacturing sector is Britain and food refrigeration contributes to up to 4% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. The project aims to provide a whole systems approach to redefine the food cold-chain architecture and map the opportunities available to reach net zero emissions by 2050. The projected growth in demand for food coincides with demand for refrigerants to prevent food loss, alongside global warming presents conflicting challenges as refrigerants have a high impact on the climate.

Transport Industrial Commercial Refrigeration (TICR)

This project is an investigation into energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from the transport, industrial and commercial refrigeration sectors in the UK including data centres.

It will identify innovation levers to facilitate sector-wide decarbonisation and achieve net zero. It will provide roadmaps and strategies for end users based on a comprehensive data-driven and whole systems evidence base. These outputs will be used to drive forward sector decarbonisation strategies and policies.