Accommodation Maintenance Policy

This page outlines our policy pertaining to the repair, replacement, and redecoration of our accommodation or items within. You will also find a range of estimated costs relating to the repair, replacement and redecoration of a range of items, fixtures, fittings and furnishings.

We will replace items that have been damaged through reasonable wear and tear during your stay, without any cost to you. In return we ask that you look after the property and your surroundings, letting us know of any issue as soon as you know about them. You can raise a maintenance request via your village reception (telephone, email or in person) or or via your Accommodation Portal.

Where items have been damaged or misused, we will need to repair or replace them. As a result, we reserve the right to charge you for this. Where we incur charges for replacement items or need to appoint staff or contractors we will pass these costs on to you, but we will never charge any more than it would cost us. Where charges have been applied after you have checked out, we will let you know by email what we’ve charge you for. All charges will be added to your student accommodation account.

We will always endeavour to repair any damaged items before we replace them. The price you will be charged is dependent on the amount of time required to resolve the issue as well as any material costs.

For full terms and conditions please visit our dedicated web page.

All Areas


We will appoint a painting contractor to repair and/or re-paint walls with typical charges as follows:

Item DescriptionEstimated Cost
One wall £62
A whole room, including the ceiling £163
Corridor £155
Kitchen £243
Plastered walls £35 per sqm

N.B. The price you will be charges is dependent on the size of the room and the amount of the work required.

Doors and fittings

Item DescriptionEstimated Cost
Replace fire door (price subject to type and style) From £245
Replace boiler cupboard £40
Replace door handle £12
Replace door hinges £10
Replace automatic door closer £50
Replace/repair Yale lock £41
Replace/repair Vingcard or DV lock £145
Replace/repair Varifree or NSP lock £299
Replace flat or room number letter £23
Replace spy hole £16 to £29
Replace door stop £1


Item DescriptionEstimated Cost
Replace carpet £28 per sqm
Replace vinyl £35 per sqm
Ceiling tile - 1200mm x 600mm £15.50
Ceiling tile - 600mm x 600mm £13
N.B. We will always try to clean your carpet/vinyl before we replace it.


Item DescriptionEstimated Cost
Replace non-LED light fitting £23
Replace LED light fitting £74
Replace light shades £10
Replace light bulb LED £19.50
Replace light switch £1.50

Windows and curtains

Item DescriptionEstimated Cost
Re-glaze window £100 per sqm
Replace window restrictor £18
Replace curtain rail £20
Replace curtains £60
N.B. Additional cost may be incurred for scaffolding.

Flat entrance and corridors

Item DescriptionEstimated Cost
Replace/repair electrical panel £89
Replace entry phone £55


Beds and mattresses

Item DescriptionEstimated Cost
Replace double bed base £280
Replace three-quarter bed base £250
Replace single bed base £190
Replace double mattress £96
Replace three-quarter mattress £96
Replace single mattress £75
Replace over bed reading light £40

Fixtures and fittings

Item DescriptionEstimated Cost
Replace coat hook £9
Replace wardrobe door (one) £34
Replace wardrobe door (two) £68
Replace wardrobe shelf £28
Replace wardrobe rail £10
Replace bedside cabinet From £56
Replace chest of drawers From £95
Replace bedroom mirror £23

Desk area

Item DescriptionEstimated Cost
Replace desk From £102
Replace desk chair From £76
Replace noticeboard £20


Item DescriptionEstimated Cost
Replace electric heater £110
Replace radiator £80
Replace Wi-Fi router £350

Kitchen / Lounge


Item DescriptionEstimated Cost
Re-upholster part of chair (e.g. arm, back, seat) From £52
Re-upholster complete chair From £86
Replace chair From £156
Re-upholster part of corner unit sofa (e.g. arm, back, seat) From £110
Re-upholster complete corner unit sofa From £142
Replace corner unit sofa From £180
Re-upholster part of two seat sofa (e.g. arm, back, seat) From £52
Re-upholster complete two seat sofa From £280
Replace complete two seat sofa From £214
Replace dining chair From £48
Replace dining table From £233
Replace kitchen stool From £78
Replace waste bin From £20
Replace coffee table From £203.50

Food preparation areas

Item DescriptionEstimated Cost
Replace worktop/breakfast bar £44 per metre
Replace cupboard shelf/door From £34
Replace sink plug and drain £15
Replace sink taps £52
Replace sink £44

Cleaning and safety

Item DescriptionEstimated Cost
Replace vacuum cleaner £80
Replace dustpan and brush £6
Replace mop and bucket £10
Replace fire blanket £14

Kitchen appliances

Item DescriptionEstimated Cost
Replace microwave £75
Replace oven shelves £13
Replace grill and pan handle £15
Replace oven glass door £45
Replace hob (ceramic) £149.50
Replace hob (plate) £91
Replace ironing board £22

Fridges and freezers

Item DescriptionEstimated Cost
Replace fridge freezer shelf/drawer £19
Replace fridge freezer From £301
Replace under counter fridge or freezer From £121
Replace table top fridge or freezer £105
Replace fridge or freezer seal £30

En-suite / Shared Bathroom

Fixtures and fittings

Item DescriptionEstimated Cost
Replace bathroom mirror £23
Replace vanity cabinet £47
Replace vanity shelf £11
Replace toilet roll holder £4
Replace towel rail £9
Replace shower curtain £10
Replace toilet seat £10

Lighting and functional

Item DescriptionEstimated Cost
Replace/repair vanity light £18
Replace shower head £17
Unblock bathroom drainage £20
Replace washbasin taps £54


We will not charge you if you are locked out and we need to let you back in to your flat/room.

However, if you lose your key and we need to replace it then we will charge you for a replacement. We promise to charge you no more than what it costs us to replace. Typical charges for replacement keys are:

Item DescriptionEstimated Cost
Replace Yale Key £10
Replace Vingcard or DV lock key £3
Replace Varifree or NSP lock key £8



These charges were correct at the time of publication and are standard for all accommodation owned by University of Birmingham. You may find in some properties there are differences where University of Birmingham use different products and therefore some charges may vary.

Full replacement cost includes; parts, labour, installation, and administration costs but does not include VAT. 

The above is a non-exhaustive list of costs for replacing or repairing items damaged maliciously by the occupant (fair wear and tear of items is not charged). We reserve the right to charge for items not mentioned. Not all items listed are available in every flat.