Student Living Plus

Student Living Plus makes it easy to eat well at uni while managing your money. Say goodbye to late-night shopping trips and meal prep, and hello to quality food and drink on campus.


How does Student Living Plus work?

Student Living Plus is our answer to catered accommodation at University of Birmingham. 

Once a week during term time, your student ID card will be loaded with £63.20 for you to spend at over 20+ food and drink outlets across campus and the Vale (excluding alcohol). You’ll also enjoy a 10% discount at all eligible outlets, so your money goes even further – plus even better deals at Vale Infusion, our large, sociable student restaurant in Shackleton. 

You can enjoy everything from pasta and salads to burgers and curries – not to mention some delicious sweet treats for dessert (view sample menu). With an online portal to check your balance, it’s easy to keep on top of your spending. Any money you don’t spend will roll over, giving you the flexibility to enjoy Student Living Plus whenever you need it.

Student Living Plus is included in your accommodation fee and costs £63.20 per week for 34 weeks (we don’t top up your balance during the holidays). Don’t worry though; if you’re staying on campus during the holidays, you can still use your Student Living Plus balance if you’ve got a rollover balance to spend. 

Upgrade to Student Living Plus today to spend less time cooking and budgeting, and more time enjoying your university experience. Contact us through the Student Living Online Helpdesk to get started. 

Where can I spend my budget?

You can use Student Living Plus at over 25 food and drink outlets on campus, including Starbucks*, Costa*, Metro, Cantina, Vale Infusion, Brook’s Bar, and Joe’s Bar in the Guild. 

Some of our partner outlets are not part of the scheme. Unfortunately, you can’t spend your Student Living Plus credit at:

  • Kimiko (University Square)
  • Subway (The Guild of Students)
  • Waki Maki (The Guild of Students)
  • Vending machines/micromarkets
  • Street food stalls or vans

View outlet opening times here

*10% discount not available

2023/24 locations 

Student Living Plus is only available if you live in our accommodation at The Vale Village, Selly Oak Village, or Pritchatts Park Village.

To get the most from Student Living Plus, we recommend living at The Vale, home to Vale Infusion – a restaurant serving everything from roast dinners and brunches to cuisines from all over the world. Vale Infusion has the best Student Living Plus discounts, and you’ll also have easy access to campus’ food court and many cafés and coffee shops. 

Here’s just a tase of what could be on the menu using your weekly budget (in bold).

Day of the week Breakfast Lunch Dinner
 Monday Cereal at home Jacket potato with toppings at Metro Crispy tofu pad Thai at Vale Infusion 
 Tuesday Tea and toast with flatmates Spicy bean burrito at Cantina Chicken, tarragon, and mushroom pasta at
Vale Infusion*
 Wednesday Bacon and egg sandwich and cappuccino at Fellows Coffee Shop Greek salad gyros from campus street food Sausage and mash at Vale Infusion*
 Thursday Toast and fruit Super Tiffin curry and rice bowl at Campus Infusion Eat at a friend’s
 Friday Homemade smoothie A meal deal sandwich at Fellows Coffee Shop
Pulled pork bao buns with Asian slaw at
Vale Infusion*
 Saturday Banana Brunch at Vale Infusion Takeaway with friends
 Sunday Granola Roast dinner at Vale Infusion Homemade sandwich in front of the TV

*Vegetarian and vegan options available

The above is only an example. On average, you’ll have enough Student Living Plus credit to cover up to 10 meals a week, and you can pick and choose what to eat and when. 

Map of Student Living Plus Outlets


Fancy a taste? 

If you’re not sure if you want to commit to Student Living Plus, our taster package is for you. You’ll have £200 loaded to your card when you sign up, giving you the freedom to explore all the deliciousness campus has to offer as and when you want to. This is a one-off instalment that can’t be topped up and must be used by the end of the academic year.

You’ll also benefit from 10% off food and drink (excluding alcohol) at most our outlets, as well as other exclusive deals. To find out more, please get in touch through the Student Living Online Helpdesk.


Does Student Living Plus cover every meal?

Not quite – and here’s why.

We know you need a flexible set of options to fit round your busy life. You might prefer to have breakfast at your place. Sometimes you might want to cook your favourite meal from home. At the weekend, you may want to get off campus and explore the city.

Your weekly Student Living Plus budget aims to give you two good meals a day, for any five days a week. You’ll have the same kitchen facilities as in self-catered accommodation, so you can cook for yourself whenever you like. And, at the weekend you can use your budget – or head out to enjoy some of Birmingham’s great dining options.

What if I don’t spend all my weekly budget?

Any money you haven’t spent will roll over to the next week. That means if you eat out or cook for yourself a lot one week, you won’t miss out. Just make sure to spend all your Student Living Plus balance before the end of the 42nd week of your accommodation contract, as this won’t be refunded. You’ll receive your last credit top-up on the Friday of the last week of term.

When can I use Student Living Plus?

You can start spending your Student Living Plus balance on the first Friday of Welcome Week. That’s after Arrivals Weekend, so be sure to you have your bank card on you to cover the first few days.

Student Living Plus covers 34 weeks of your 42-week accommodation contract. Outside term time, our food and drink outlets offer a reduced service, however, you’ll still be able to spend your balance on campus at open outlets. That means if you’re staying here during the holidays, you can use Student Living Plus across the whole 42 weeks of your contract.

Does Student Living Plus cater to special dietary requirements?

The University caters for wide range of diets, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and halal.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to cater for high-allergen diets (e.g., nut-free) at present. All food is prepared in kitchens where these allergens are in use, so we cannot guarantee food is 100% allergen-free.

If you have one or more allergies, the University will offer support, advice, and any accommodation adaptations you need. You can also find some top tips for navigating student life with an allergy on our website.

Can I top up my Student Living Plus balance or ask my family to?

There are plans underway to arrange this service. However, unfortunately, this is not available yet.

If your budget runs out before the end of the week, you can still buy food at campus outlets with card, just like students who aren’t on Student Living Plus. However, you won’t get the 10% discount.

Can I opt out of Student Living Plus later in the year?

As it’s part of your accommodation contract, you’re unfortunately unable to opt out of Student Living Plus.

Can I upgrade to Student Living Plus at any time?

Yes, you can add Student Living Plus to your accommodation at any point in the academic year. To do this, please get in touch with us through the Student Living Online Helpdesk. Once your upgrade has been confirmed, you’ll be able to spend your balance on the Friday of that week.

What happens if I lose my ID card?

Don’t worry – you can still spend your Student Living Plus credit. You just need to download the UoB Cashless app first! Through the app, you can check your balance and use your digital wallet to buy food and drink on campus.

If you lose your ID card, you’ll need to let the team at the Aston Webb Student Hub know as soon as possible. They can then cancel your lost card so nobody else can use it and order you a new one. Replacement cards cost £10. As soon as you receive this, you’ll be able to start spending your Student Living Plus credit right away.  

What happens if I run out of money?

If you have financial or money concerns at any time during the year, please don’t struggle alone. There are plenty of services available to help you, including:

Did you know you can get part-time, flexible work here on campus? Worklink, the University’s very own recruitment agency, has lots of casual, student-friendly vacancies to help you earn while you learn. 

Please note that this page was updated September 2023.