Accommodation Transfers - Frequently Asked Questions

Student Living maintains an accommodation transfer list for University Owned accommodation, which is prioritised on a needs basis. The Transfer Window opens from mid-October each year and residents can apply by visiting the accommodation portal.

How do I apply?

You can apply through the online portal where you made your original accommodation application. Once you have submitted your application, it will be sent to the accommodation team for review.

What’s the likelihood of me getting a transfer?

We can never guarantee that we will be able to find you a suitable room to transfer into, as this depends on what is currently available and also dependent on your preferences. However, we will try out best to accommodate your request and transfer you.

Can I transfer between Partner and University Owned Accommodation?

It is not possible to transfer between Partner and University Owned Accommodation, and vice versa.

This is because once you have reserved a room with a particular provider, you agree to the Terms and Conditions for that particular room and are bound by a contract. 

Is there any cost involved?

Once we have identified a suitable room for you, and you wish to move, you will sign a transfer contract and you will be charged a £50 transfer fee for administrative and cleaning charges, as per your current accommodation contract. This fee will be added onto your total accommodation cost.

Who can I speak to whilst I wait for a transfer?

We are unable to provide updates on the progress of your transfer application. Living will be in touch with you when a suitable room becomes available.

As we cannot guarantee at what stage during the year we can meet your transfer request, we recommend you also get in touch with the following services who may be able to help during the period of time you are waiting to hear from us:

  • Student Mentors – The student mentors are trained to offer help and support whilst you live in University accommodation. The team are here to help you as soon as you receive your accommodation offer and throughout the rest of your year in halls. You can contact them via email -
  • Customer Service Managers – Your CSM is there to help support you through your time in University accommodation. Each village has a dedicated CSM and are always open to chat. If you pop down to your village reception, they can arrange for you to meet the CSM for your residence.
  • Student Services – Student Services consists of a range of teams that support our

    students during their time at the University. They support student’s with problems that may affect their learning by offering professional advice and help. Student Services are located in the Aston Webb building.

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