Staff members

HWB-NMR is managed by four staff members who work closely with the facility's users to ensure that its services are efficiently run and easily accessible.

To be recruited, Executive Director, is responsible for strategic planning and interfacing with the University administration and HWB•NMR advisors, partners and funders. Research focus: structural biology of signaling proteins and membrane interactions.

Sara Whittaker, Operations Manager since 2006, oversees the running of the facility and is the first point of contact for users with an interest in protein NMR, providing support and training for NMR experiments on the ultrahigh field systems and for protein analysis. Research focus: Protein folding, dynamics and structure determination.

Mark Jeeves, Scientific Officer in NMR, joined the team in 2015 and is responsible for research involving fragment-based drug discovery and ligand screening by NMR. He also manages the NMR instruments used for metabolic analysis and is the first point of contact for users with an interest in metabolomics-focussed projects. Research focus: fragment-based drug discovery by NMR.

Sue Rhodes, NMR Laboratory Manager, joined in 2004 and is responsible for the facility's buildings maintenance & servicing, cryogen supplies, accounting, and is assisting with user relations.

The NMR staff are members of the Institute of Cancer & Genomic Sciences within the College of Medical & Dental Sciences.

HWB•NMR management structure

To be determined