We support state of the art research and educational activities for our users, who are asked to agree to the following terms to ensure safe and effective use.

Users are encouraged to operate the instruments on their own after authorisation by HWB-NMR staff.

It is expected that each person who is approved to be a NMR operator will have, at the minimum:

  1. prior experience on a modern NMR instrument, either through outside NMR activities or hands-on training
  2. a Bachelor degree or equivalent in the biological, chemical or physical sciences

It is expected that HWB•NMR users have familiarised themselves with the NMR instrument and probe manuals. An NMR GUIDE is also available upon request from the Operations Manager to provide a basic introduction to NMR theory and applications.

Those not meeting this criterion will be expected to attend a training course on the operation of the appropriate NMR spectrometer offered by the HWB•NMR staff. Training sessions for small groups and individuals are scheduled according to demand. The extent of training will depend on the complexity of the experiments required for the project. Each person requesting operator status will be required to demonstrate competence on the instrumentation to HWB•NMR staff members before being permitted unsupervised access to the spectrometers.

Responsibilities for HWB•NMR Charges and Damages

Users are responsible for damage that results from samples that are explosive, pressurized, chemically corrosive, radioactive, biologically dangerous, or that otherwise pose unusual hazards to instrumentation or personnel. In all such cases, prior permission and advice should be sought with regard to these special samples, but permission does not absolve any user from responsibility for whatever harm their samples may cause HWB•NMR’s spectrometers or probes.

Researchers use HWB•NMR resources with the understanding that users may be held responsible for damages incurred as a direct result of unsafe or negligent use of the instrumentation. This obligation does not extend to responsibility for damage that occurs accidentally and unavoidably during normal use. Any possible damage must immediately be reported to HWB•NMR staff.

Standard Operating Protocols

Users must understand and agree to HWB•NMR’s standard operating protocols and polices including the “Principles of Use”, “Security Management Policy”, and “Sample Submission” before gaining access to spectrometers. A 2 hour training module on safe and effective use of the NMR equipment is offered to all new users quarterly. These will be emailed upon receipt of an application for access form.


Publications containing data obtained at the HWB•NMR should acknowledge use of HWB•NMR. It is also mandatory to provide HWB•NMR with PDF files or reprints, together with the PMCID (PubMed Central UK ID), of each publication in which data obtained at HWB•NMR are cited, to assist in fulfilling the annual reporting requirements and Wellcome Trust open-access publishing policy. This information should be emailed to Sara Whittaker as soon as possible following publication, but no later than 6 months after publication.

Please use the following acknowledgement (from 1 Dec 2012):

"This work was supported by the Wellcome Trust [grant number 099185/Z/12/Z] and we thank HWB-NMR at the University of Birmingham for providing open access to their Wellcome Trust-funded 900 MHz spectrometer."