The Imperfect Cognitions Network

The aim of the Imperfect Cognitions research network is to bring together different perspectives on imperfect cognitions from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds (e.g. philosophy, psychology, psychiatry) and stimulate an exchange of ideas on the themes of project PERFECT.

It is important to us that the researchers who join the network are based in different geographical areas, and are at different stages of their academic career. What they all have in common is that they are working on imperfect cognitions in the clinical or non-clinical population (e.g., delusional beliefs, distorted memories, confabulatory explanations, implicit cognitions) and are interested in exploring the pragmatic and epistemic features of such cognitions. Our intention is to share research outcomes, meet and talk whenever possible, and collaborate on project-related publications.  

Some of our network members are also part of the International Advisory Board of the project, receive an update on the project activities every six months, and provide regular feedback on our progress.

Network members

Donna Rose Addis, Rotman Research Institute, Toronto

Matilde Aliffi

Matilde Aliffi, University of Birmingham

Sven Bernecker

Sven Bernecker, University of California

Zoe Boden, London South Bank University

Alessandro Blasimme, ETH Zurich 

Federico Bongiorno

Federico Bongiorno, University of Birmingham

Maarten Boudry, Ghent University

Jason Braithwaite, Lancaster University 


Matthew Broome, University of Birmingham

International Advisory Board member


 john Campbell

John Campbell, University of California, Berkeley

International Advisory Board member


Marco Canevelli, Sapienza University of Rome


Havi Carel

Havi Carel, University of Bristol


Max Coltheart, Macquarie University


Martin Conway, City University London 


 Anne Cooke

Anne Cooke, Canterbury Christ Church University


Rachel Cooper, Lancaster University 

International Advisory Board member


Philip Corlett, Yale University 

Project visitor in June 2015

Jennifer Corns

Jennifer Corns, University of Glasgow


Ben Costello, University of Birmingham



Jillian Craigie, King's College London 


Gregory Currie, University of York 


Will Davies

Will Davies, University of Birmingham 


Dorothea Debus, University of York 


Aleea Devitt, University of Auckland 


Nevia Dolcini, University of Macau

Caitrin Donovan, University of Sydney 


Richard Dub, University of Geneva 


Jordi Fernandez, University of Adelaide 

Project visitor in November 2017

Chloe Fitzgerald, University of Geneva 


Aikaterini Fotopoulou, University College London

International Advisory Board member


Keith Frankish, Open University 


Miranda Fricker, University of Sheffield and CUNY Graduate Centre 


Niall Galbraith, University of Wolverhampton


Philippa Garety, King's College London


Mikkel Gerken

Mikkel Gerken, University of Southern Denmark


Tamar Gendler, Yale University


 Philip Gerrans

Philip Gerrans, University of Adelaide


Marion Godman, Helsinki University 



Natalie Gold, Public Health England


 Miguel Gray

David Miguel Gray, University of Memphis


Rachel Gunn, SHED Counselling


Amy Hardy

Amy Hardy, King’s College London

Lars Hall, Lund University 


 Anandi Hattiangadi

Anandi Hattiangadi, Stockholm University

International Advisory Board member


 Allan Hazlett

Allan Hazlett, University of Washington St. Louis


 Avram Hiller

Avram Hiller, Portland State University


Jakob  Hohwy, Monash University 


Jules Holroyd, University of Sheffield 


Anna Ichino, University of Milan 



Anneli Jefferson, University of Birmingham


Petter Johansson, Lund University 


Fleur Jongepier

Fleur Jongepeir, Radboud University


Naomi Kloosterboer

Naomi Kloosterboer, VU University Amsterdam

Project visitor in January-March 2015


Antonis Kousoulis

Antonis Kousoulis
Mental Health Foundation


david kovacs

David Kovacs, Tel Aviv University


Elisabetta Lalumera

Elisabetta Lalumera, Milano Bicocca


Jonathan Lee, University of Birmingham



Neil van Leeuwen, Georgia State University


Chris Letheby

Chris Letheby, University of Adelaide 



Neil Levy, University of Oxford and Macquarie

International Advisory Board member


Marie van Loon

Marie van Loon, Cognitive Irrationality Project 


Pablo Lopez Silva



Kevin Lynch, University College Dublin



Matteo Mameli, King's College London 

International Advisory Board member


Christopher McCarroll, University of Richmond 



Miriam McCormick, Macquarie University 


Ryan McKay, Royal Holloway 

International Advisory Board member



Anne Meylan, University of Basel



Kirk Michaelian, University of Otago


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Mind in Camden Voice Collective  


Kengo Miyazono, Hiroshima University 


Louise Moody

Louise Moody, University of York 


Dominic Murphy, University of Sydney 


Maria G Navarro, University of Salamanca


Chenwei Nie

Chenwei Nie, University of Warwick 

kate nolfi

Kate Nolfi, University of Vermont 


Paul Noordhof, University of York 


Magda Osma, Queen Mary 



Gareth Owen, King’s College London



Elisabeth Pacherie, Institut Jean Nicod  

International Advisory Board member


Matthew Parrott, University of Birmingham


Emmanuelle Peters, King's College London 


Hanna Pickard, University of Birmingham 



Duncan Pritchard, University of Edinburgh

International Advisory Board member



Jennifer Radden, University of Massachusetts Boston

International Advisory Board member


 Lubomira Radoilska

Lubomira Radoilska, University of Kent


Rebecca Roache, Royal Holloway


Reece Roberts, University of Auckland 



Sarah Robins, University of Kansas 


Robert Ross

Robert Ross, Royal Holloway


Christopher Ryan

Christopher Ryan, University of Sydney 


Melanie Sarzano

Melanie Sarzano, Cognitive Irrationality Project 


Robin Scaife

Robin Scaife, University of Sheffield 


Reinier Schurr

Reinier Schuur, University of Birmingham 



Eric Schwitzgebel, University of California Riverside

International Advisory Board member


Simon Scott

Simon Scott, University of Birmingham 


Tali Sharot

Tali Sharot, UCL 



Brandon Stewart, University of Birmingham 


 jesse summers

Jesse Summers, Duke University



Mauricio Suarez, LSE 


John Sutton, Macquarie University 


Ben Tappin

Ben Tappin, Royal Holloway 


Şerife Tekin

Şerife Tekin, Daemen College Collorado 



Michele Tinnirello, University of Messina

Project visitor in 2015

Rachel Upthegrove, University of Birmingham 


Leslie Van Der Leer, Regent's University London


Naomi van Steenbergen

Naomi van Steenbergen, Universiteit Utrecht 


Elly Vintiadis

Elly Vintiadis, American College of Greece, Agía Paraskeví


Nicholas Wheeler, University of Birmingham 


Sam Wilkinson, University of Edinburgh 


Gregory Yates, University of Birmingham