American and Canadian Studies at Birmingham

Our America and Canadian Studies degree is distinctive in its in-depth consideration of Canada as well as the United States. You will get the chance to explore and inter-relate history, literature, politics and culture. The variety of topics include analysing American film, studying book illustrations, reading modern American fiction, studying the workings of Washington, examining the War on Terror and considering the legacies of slavery.

You will be taught by experts who are leading the way in critical evaluations of North America’s history, culture and sense of itself in the world. Our student satisfaction scores are very high with 95% of students reporting they are satisfied with the quality of the course.

We believe that to truly read a novel like Toni Morrison’s Beloved, you need awareness of the historical moment in which it is set and written. To interpret a political speech such as ‘A More Perfect Union’, you must first immerse yourself in the resources of languages, storytelling and allusion on which Barack Obama draws. Our programme enables you to explore such interdisciplinary connections.

To give a sense of the breadth of the course, our lecturers have recommended websites, films and books for anyone considering choosing American and Canadian Studies. You can also view the above video, filmed at the June 2014 Open Day, to hear Dr John Fagg talk more about our degrees.

(Please note: we regularly review our courses to ensure you get the best student experience possible, so some of the information may have changed since the talk was filmed.)