Ancient History at Birmingham

To understand the present, you need to discover the past. Studying Ancient History at the University of Birmingham will offer you the opportunity to study a diverse range of periods, countries and cultures. You will delve into the rise and development of ancient civilisations over several millennia from the Ancient Near East and Ancient Egypt, to Classical Greece, Republican and Imperial Rome, and Late Antiquity.

You will explore ancient cultures in a supportive academic environment where you will have access to an exceptional range of expertise and resources. There is also a chance to learn many ancient languages, such as Latin, Greek, Middle Egyptian and when available, Sumerian and Akkadian.

Our focus on understanding ancient civilisations will include exploring primary sources, both the Classical, Egyptian, and Mesopotamian texts which have survived to the modern day, and the monuments and objects of those civilisations. No previous knowledge of Greek, Latin, Egyptian or Sumerian is required and all texts are read in translation, except in specialist language modules.

Furthermore, in your second year, with financial support from the University, you will have the opportunity to undertake a unique two-week Study Tour where you will develop a research project and travel with fellow students to countries, such as Italy and Greece, to visit sites, monuments and museums that interest you.

You may also wish to view the above video, filmed at the June 2014 Open Day, to hear Dr Andrew Bayliss talk more about our Ancient History degree – he also wields an ancient weapon called the sarissa!

(Please note: we regularly review our courses to ensure you get the best student experience possible, so some of the information may have changed since the talk was filmed.)