Civil and Railway Engineering at Birmingham

In 2014, the University of Birmingham became the first to offer, uniquely in the UK, Civil & Railway and Electrical & Railway Engineering degrees, leading to accredited BEng and MEng qualifications. Graduates of these degrees will be sought-after by train operating companies, network operators, engineering consultancies and construction companies.

What happens during the average day? A Day in the Life of a Civil Engineering Student:

Building on the global reputation of the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education and the Masters programmes offered already, this exciting programme is aimed at applicants who are interested in studying engineering with a specific focus on the railway industry. This industry is experiencing significant growth, worldwide, and especially in Europe with the design and development of new High Speed, Inter-City and regional railways, meaning future graduates will enjoy excellent career prospects.

Students will obtain a thorough engineering-based education, where the railway focus of study will gradually increase throughout the programme. This means that students will develop their engineering knowledge to the right level to take this into railway applications.

With strong industrial contribution to the programme content, students will receive immediate relevance to their studies, and the School will provide opportunities to apply for vacation and year-long placements in the railway industry.