Europe is central to the academic and cultural identity of the University of Birmingham and we have a long history of working closely with European institutions in both research and education.

We are the most successful UK University for coordinating H2020 grants, and since 2013 have secured funding for over 190 projects across Europe and the world. Our campus is home to 47 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellows.

We have one of the largest Erasmus+ programmes in the country, and provide European study abroad opportunities for over 350 students every year through our network of 133 partners.

Around a quarter of our academic staff are non-UK Europeans, as are almost 15% of our PhD students. Some of our largest and deepest partnerships are with our European counterparts, and since 2016 our researchers have co-authored more than 12,000 papers with over 2,000 European institutions. 

We are supporting engagement with Europe by working with key strategic partners, enhancing opportunities for student mobility, supporting academic collaborations, and establishing a strong presence in the heart of the region through our Europe Hub in Brussels. 

*Figures: Oct 2019

Meet the team

Dr Erica Arthur

Dr Erica Arthur

International Development Manager, International Relations

Hannah Stretton

Hannah Stretton

International Partnerships Officer (Europe), International Relations