Student Finance Instalment

We have been asked by the TSA (Taught Student Administration) to find out how you would like your Student Finance to be paid while you are on exchange.

Please note that for any of you with early start dates (in July or early August) TSA will automatically request you receive your first instalment early.  Student Finance will be advised of the term dates of your exchange university in early June and providing that your funding application has been completed correctly, payments will be based around your start date. 

There are two other payment options you can request depending on the country you will be studying in: 

Full entitlement in 2 instalments

In certain countries, (usually the USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand) the university year runs across 2 semesters rather than the standard 3 terms in the UK. In these instances the university can request that the students entitlement be paid across 2 instalments rather than the standard 3.

Full entitlement in 1 instalment

In some countries (China, Japan & Russia) the student may be required to show that they have the money to support themselves financially for the year prior to gaining access into the country. Only in these instances Student Finance will pay the full student entitlement for the year on their 1st instalment date (unless requested otherwise).

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