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Academic Development Programme

For new Assistant Professors

The Academic Development Programme (ADP) is designed to ensure you have the best possible start to your career and achieve promotion to Associate Professor.

The ADP has been developed within an overarching framework to allow you the time and space to develop and grow, whilst also appreciating what it means to work at the University of Birmingham.  

You will be supported throughout your time on the ADP by a series of measures, each designed to offer you different opportunities to expand your skills, knowledge and experience. 

These include

  • development opportunities,
  • mentoring support,
  • peer support group membership,
  • and allowing time for reflection. 

There are also a wealth of opportunities which you will benefit from through your College, all of which will contribute to your experience, development and readiness to be promoted to Associate Professor at the end of the ADP. 

Progression rates

We welcome and support earlier promotion if applicants have met the relevant expectations, but most achieve promotion in a period of 5 years.

We also have supportive measures to ensure that, if you need it, additional time is given on the programme if life events or individual circumstance have gotten in the way. 

Staff walking and talking in our Green Heart

You will be supported to develop through the programme with a series of objectives (taken from the Library of Objectives and adapted for you) which will be agreed locally with your manager and which will be designed to ensure that you are able to reach your potential at the end of the programme. These objectives and your general progression will be subject to annual review.

About the programme

The normal length of the programme is 5 years from the date of appointment.   If you already have experience at another Higher Education institution, then you may be asked to complete a shorter period but everyone is expected to complete at least the first phase of the programme before seeking promotion.  The programme is split into three phases;

Phase one 

Purpose: Induction and settling in
Length: One year 

Phase two

Purpose: Developing competencies
Length: Two years

Phase three

Purpose: Increased and sustained performance
Length: Two years