Drs Andy Bagshaw, Steve Mayhew and Amanda Wood, in collaboration with Dr Alberto Tannus (University of São Paulo) and Professor Peter Morris (University of Nottingham), have been awarded £72,000 to establish a research collaboration with Brazilian universities in the São Paolo region under the Scientific Cooperation Agreement between FAPESP, University of Nottingham and University of Birmingham. The project (‘Magnetic Resonance Imaging and in vivo Spectroscopy methods for neuroimaging and multimodal neurosciences studies’) will develop and apply new techniques for multimodal neuroimaging. MR-based techniques such as BOLD-fMRI, arterial spin labelling and magnetic resonance spectroscopy will be combined with the non-invasive neurophysiological techniques of electro- and magnet-encephalography (EEG/MEG). These developments will be used to characterise and understand how epilepsy affects the brain and to provide more accurate localisation of epileptogenic regions for presurgical evaluation.

Andrew Bagshaw
Stephen Mayhew