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The latest 10-year experiment to calculate the gravitational constant ‘Big G’ led by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) with the University of Birmingham was featured by Scientific American. 18.9.13 

Professor Jon Preece's adjunct professorship of East China University was featured by Ifeng in China. 18.9.13

The University of Birmingham EPS team which won the ‘Data for Development’ challenge was mentioned in The Financial Times on page 4. 18.9.13

Over a dozen Chinese media outlets reported the opening of the joint Anhui-Birmingham railway institute. 16.9.13

Jonathan Radcliffe: A renewable powered future will need energy storage 11.9.13

Chemical Warfare: it’s nothing new by Dr Simon Cotton. 5.9.13

Dr Simon Cotton's Explainer: what is napalm? was featured featured by The Hindu in India following allegations that the nerve agent was used in Syria recently. 5.9.13

State cash for gaming? I’ll stick to Kickstarter thanks. By Professor Bob Stone  4.9.13

Dr Nick Hawes’ research into the development of robots that can be used in care homes and as security guards was featured by CBS News. 4.9.13