Congratulations to William Brittain, a PhD student in Dr John Fossey's group, for winning an RSC poster prize at the recent CASE 2014 (Catalysis and Sensing for our Environment) symposium, which  was held at Xiamen University in China. The three day event was attended by William, who was able to make the trip to China as a result of winning travel funds from the RSC and receiving travel support from the School of Chemistry, with John. The CASE conference series was cofounded by John Fossey and has previously been held in Birmingham. At CASE 2014 John Fossey presented work of his group in the area of novel saccharide sensors and William Brittain presented a poster about his asymmetric catalysis PhD work.  Following the CASE conference, John and William headed off to Shanghai, where both made presentations of their work at the East China Normal University and attend another conference at East China University of Science and Technology.