As the Care Bill 2013/14 reaches its final stages in the House of Lords, a Birmingham Policy Commission report makes a series of recommendations for future policy, practice and research. Launched at the Houses of Parliament with the support of Baroness Cumberlege, Gisela Stuart MP and former Care Services Minister Paul Burstow, the Commission focused on ways in which people can thrive in older age and sought to counter the common perception of an ageing society as a ‘problem.’ Chaired by Prof Steve Field, the Commission focused in particular on the experience of older people from black and minority ethnic communities, urging policy makers to “recognise and accommodate superdiversity” when planning services for an ageing population.

The report also found that some communities and faith groups draw on the huge contribution older people make to society and that “sharing this good practice presents a real opportunity for communities of all kinds”. It also stressed the importance of drawing on relevant equalities and human rights legislation, with potential for a statutory Commissioner for Older People.

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HSMC’s Professor Jon Glasby was one of the Policy Commissioners and research for the report was undertaken by PhD students Sarah-Jane Fenton and Jennifer Lynch.