Professor Jon Glasby

Professor Jon Glasby

School of Social Policy
Professor of Health and Social Care and Head of School of Social Policy

Contact details

School of Social Policy
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT, United Kingdom

Jon is a qualified social worker by background and Head of the School of Social Policy. Specialising in joint work between health and social care, Jon is involved in regular policy analysis and advice. He is the author of a series of leading textbooks on health and social services, sits on the advisory board of The Policy Press, and served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Integrated Care (2012-18).

From 2008 to 2015, he was Director of the University’s Health Services Management Centre (HSMC).  He is currently a Non-Executive Director (NED) of University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, has previously served as a NED at Birmingham Children’s Hospital (2010-2015) and Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust (2015-2018) and has been a trustee of the UK Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE, 2003-2009).  He is also a former Board member of the Campaign for Social Science (2016-2018).

Jon is also a Fellow of the RSA, a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, a Senior Fellow of the NIHR School for Social Care Research and Adjunct Professor at the School of Public Health, Curtin University, Western Australia.

Jon specialises in research, teaching, consultancy and policy advice around:

  • Partnership working in health and social care
  • Strategic commissioning
  • Personalisation
  • Community Care services for older people


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (2003)
  • PhD Social Policy, University of Birmingham (2001)
  • MA/Diploma in Social Work, University of Birmingham (1999)
  • BA (Hons), University of Birmingham (1997) (1st class)


Jon joined HSMC in 2001 and has previously worked as a freelance researcher/trainer and an independent investigation officer for a social services complaints unit. Specialising in joint work between health and social care, Jon is involved in regular policy analysis and advice to a range of government and other national bodies, including the Department of Health, the Cabinet Office and the Downing Street policy unit.

He has previously been involved with policy advice to the NHS Future Forum, the Ministerial Working Group on Health and Social Care Integration, the development of personal health budgets and the policy teams responsible for the 2007 framework for commissioning for health and well-being, the 2006 NHS White Paper and the 2005 social care Green Paper. His recent work with Downing Street on the future reform and costs of adult social care was launched by the former Prime Minister and appeared in outlets such as the BBC News/News 24, the New York Times and The Financial Times. Jon has also been a regular contributor to practice-based publications such as Community Care and the Health Service Journal, and is the author of numerous articles and textbooks on health and social care. Jon has previously been identified as one of The Times Higher Education Supplement ‘five ones to watch’ for the future of the social sciences and is a previous winner of the Social Policy Association’s ‘best newcomer’ award.

Previous projects

  • National, regional and local policy advice around direct payments and health care
  • Research into the future of adult social care (commissioned by 10 Downing St)
  • SDO-funded research into older people’s experiences of service transitions and into the impact of joint commissioning
  • EU-funded research into long-term care for older people

Postgraduate supervision

Jon supervises PhDs around topics such as:

  • Health and social care partnerships
  • Personalisation
  • Community care services for older people
  • Health and social care policy

Current/recent PhD students have been researching topics such as:

  • Inter-agency working in children’s services
  • Partnership working between the public and private sectors in health care
  • The impact of telecare on older people and people with learning difficulties
  • Mental health policy and practice for young people
  • The development of social work education in Palestine
  • The personalisation of adult social care
  • Personalisation in children’s services


The sustainable care research programme (University of Birmingham/ University of Sheffield/Kings College London)
Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Large Grant funding
November 2017 → April 2021

Implementing the Care Act 2014: preventing, reducing or delaying needs for care and support in adult social care in England
Tew, J., Ercolani, M., Glasby, J., Kinghorn, P., Miller, R., Newbigging, K. & Tanner, D.
1/12/16 → 28/02/19

Shifting shapes: how can local care markets support quality for all?
Needham, C., Glasby, J., Allen, K., Mangan, C., Goranitis, I. & Hall, K.
14/11/16 → 14/05/19

A comprehensive profile and comparative analysis of the characteristics, patient experience and community value of the 'classic' community hospital situated in contrasting contexts and communities
Glasby, J., Davidson, D., Mohan, J. & Williams, I.
1/09/14 → 30/11/17

CLAHRC WM Theme 4 RCF - Chronic disease and integrated care
Glasby, J.
1/04/14 → 31/12/18

Who knows best? Older people's contribution to understanding avoidable hospital admissions (PB-PG-0712-28045)
Glasby, J. & Littlechild, R.
1/04/14 → 31/07/16

Commisioning for better outcomes project
Newbigging, K., Glasby, J., Mangan, C. & Miller, R.
27/01/14 → 31/12/14

Does smaller mean better? Evaluation micro-enterprises in adult social care
Needham, C., Ellins, J., Glasby, J. & McKay, S.
Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC)
15/04/13 → 13/07/15

Managing organisational change in social care: a review for practitioners and managers
Miller, R., Davidson, D. & Glasby, J.
NIHR School for Social Care Research
1/09/12 → 31/12/13

Assets-based approaches to adult social care
Glasby, J., Miller, R. and Lynch, J.
Birmingham City Council
2012 → 2013

Local evidence of prevention investments, outcomes and sustainability
Glasby, J., Mangan, C. & Miller, R.
NIHR School for Social Care Research
1/06/11 → 31/05/13

The Role of the Third Sector in Delivering Social Care
Alcock, P., Allen, K., Dickinson, H., Glasby, J. & Macmillan, R.
NIHR School for Social Care Research
23/05/11 → 30/11/11

Embedding prevention in older people's services - 10 high impact changes
Glasby, J. & Allen, K.
Sanofi Pasteur MSD Ltd
12/04/10 → 11/11/10

The case for social reform
Glasby, J., Littlechild, R. & McKay, S.
Downing Street/Department of Health
1/12/09 → 31/01/10

Health and social care commissioning: an exploration of processes, services and outcomes
Glasby, J., Dickinson, H., Jeffares, S. & Sullivan, H.
NIHR SDO programme
1/10/09 → 28/02/12 

INTERLINKS: Health systems and long-term care for older people in Europe - modelling the INTERfaces and LINKS between prevention, quality of services and informal care
Glasby, J.
Commission of the European Communities
1/11/08 → 31/12/11

Understanding and improving transitions of older people: a user and carer centred approach
Glasby, J., Davidson, D., Ellins, J., Littlechild, R., McIver, S. & Morvinson, E.
1/11/08 → 31/03/12


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Health and adult social care - including services for older people, inter-agency working and personalisation

Languages and other information

Jon is Director of the University's Health Services Management Centre (HSMC)

Media experience

Jon is a regular commentator in the print and broadcast media on a wide range of issues relating to health and social care including individual budgets, heath and social care reform. He has also provided a number of in depth commentary pieces for outlets including the Guardian.

Alternative contact number available for this expert: contact the press office


Health and Social care

Jon Glasby is Professor of Health and Social Care, and specialises in joint working between the NHS and adult social care, community care services for older people and the personalisation agenda.  He has worked with the Department of Health, Cabinet Office, Downing Street and various national health and social care bodies to advise on the future of health and social services.  Recent contributions include debates on the future of adult social care funding for the Local Government Association and for the Citizens’ Assembly organised by the House of Commons Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee and Health and Social Care Committee.  His work on what happens to older people when care homes close helped to inform debates about responses to the demise of Southern Cross, and local authority plans about how best to support residents in such circumstances.