Professors Russell Mannion and Martin Powell have co-authored, with colleagues from Durham University, a new book on health reform: Reforming healthcare: What's the evidence?, Policy Press.

Reforming Healthcare: What's the evidence? Policy Press, Ian Greener, Barbara Harrington, David Hunter, Russell Mannion and Martin Powell

Drawing on methods of realist review, Reforming healthcare: What's the evidence? is the first major critical overview of the research published on healthcare reform in England from 1990 onwards by a team of leading UK health policy academics. It explores work considering the Conservative internal market of the 1990s and New Labour's healthcare reorganizations, including its attempts at performance management and the reintroduction of market-based reform from 2004 to 2010. It then considers the implications of this research for current debates about healthcare reorganization in England, and internationally. As the most up-to-date summary of what research says works in English healthcare reform, this essential review is aimed at anyone interested in the wide-ranging debates about health reorganization, but especially students and academics interested in social policy, public management and health policy.