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The International Foundation for Integrated Care in association with Edgehill University are delighted to present this series of webinars “The Building Blocks of Integrated Care”. Six webinars will run on a monthly basis from October – March, in the lead up to a public lecture on 14 April 2016 at Edgehill University by Professor Jon Glasby entitled If integration is the answer, what was the question? What next for health and social care partnerships. The webinars are targeted at all those interested in improving their core knowledge of integrated care principles and techniques. Webinars will draw on academic research and practical examples.

The webinar series will:

  • Provide a comprehensive overview of the principles, models and building blocks of integrated care
  • Highlight the financial, organisational, political and cultural aspects, which have to be taken into account when designing and implementing integrated care;
  • Understand and identify challenges on different levels (patient to system; local to international)
  • Illustrate pitfalls, lessons learned and success stories of integrated care initiatives with cases around the world

Robin Miller will deliver a session on Integration between Health and Social Care: Bridging the Divide, Building Common Values Wednesday, 27 January 2016.

Please visit International Foundation for Integrated Care website for more information.