B-Film: The Birmingham Centre for Film Studies has been exploring opportunities for working with Birmingham's The Electric Cinema, the UK's oldest working cinema, and a BFI-sponsored series entitled The Cinematic Time Machine, which is running throughout 2016, is the vehicle for an intense and exciting collaboration.

The series is composed of decade-specific films, around four per month, including classics, lesser-known works and occasional contemporary films set in the decade in question. Members of B-Film, who are from several departments in the College of Arts and Law, will offer introductions to many of the screenings, while a variety of Q&As, discussions and special guests are also planned. This high profile collaboration continues the mission of B-Film to invigorate film culture in the university and city of Birmingham, following highly successful film events such as the annual Screening Rights festival in the Midlands Arts Centre, the monthly Cine Cubano evenings at the Mockingbird cinema and theatre, and the termly events dedicate to Adaptation that are held on campus. 

The Cinematic Time Machine offers an ideal vehicle for B-Film to promote the research into film studies at the University of Birmingham and an excellent opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate recruitment. 

  • 16/01 Singin' in the Rain 15.15
  • 17/01 Bugsy Malone 14.00
  • 24/01 Steamboat Bill Jr. 12.00
  • 30/01 Sunrise 12.00
  • 02/02 Man with a Movie Camera 16.45 - To be introduced by Kate Ince*
  • 06/02 The 39 Steps 12.00 - To be introduced by Roger Shannon*
  • 13/02 Safety Last (to be shown in the cathedral) 18.00
  • 14/02 Gone with the Wind at 12.30 - To be introduced by Helen Laville*
  • 20/02 Dracula 22.45 
  • 21/02 King Kong 12.00 - To be introduced by Michele Aaron*
  • 27/02 Gone with the wind 11.00
  • 06/03 M 12.00 - To be introduced by Elystan Griffiths
  • 13/03 The Third Man 12.00
  • 20/03 The Great Dictator - To be introduced by Andrew Watts*
  • 27/03 Citizen Kane 11:30 - To be introduced by Rob Stone*
  • 03/04 The Red Shoes 12:00 - To be introduced by Russel Jackson
  • 12/04 Bicycle Thieves 20.30 - To be introduced by Elena Theodorakopolous
  • 16/04 12 Angry Men 15.00
  • 23/04 Tokyo Story 15.00 - To be introduced by Rob Stone
  • 01/05 Vertigo 12.00  - To be introduced by James Walters
  • 08/05 The Seventh Seal 12.00
  • 24/05 Tokyo Story tbc - To be introduced by Rob Stone*
  • 15/05 The Searchers or Rebel without a Cause tbc - To be introduced by Richard Langley*
  • 20/05 Peeping Tom tbc