This year the mighty EPS Eagles have performed at a high standard coming second within University the league. A recent influx of enthusiastic new members of all abilities and the return of some well-known faces has seen the Club grow to record strength, along with the dawn of a slick new logo and a haul of new shirts to bear it which will be ready in time for the end of the season.

Dedication to a rigorous raining regime has turned the Eagles into a well-oiled machine at fending off the hordes of medics at our gates and yielded some glorious results. Such a spectacle hasn’t been witnessed since the Battle of Thermopylae!

Frank Morton 2016

Frank Morton , the annual Chemical Engineering student sports day, fell in February and the day began with the customary handing out of pastries. Once again the hockeyists proved their worth beating Strathclyde University 5-0 in the final to retain the title of the best-stick-and-ball handlers studying Chemical Engineering in the UK, and earn valuable points contributing to the victory of the day as a whole.  You can read more about Frank Morton in BUCES’ April Update.


This year has seen the coming of two key socials, at Fab in the Guild and Itchy Feet in the City Centre, with stories to tell from each. People will be asking each other in years to come what exactly was so enticing about Cullen’s jacket? Who exactly was sick in my Garden? Why is the cardboard box game is no longer played at socials? And why does Mr Incredible hang out with Freshers?

As we are now official part of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Community we are eligible for the annual EPS Societies’ Awards. With the tremendous year we’ve had we’re hoping to get on our hands on one of the prestigious Awards on offer. If you are or have been part of Engineering Eagles please nominate us for Sports Team of the Year!

All that remains is for me to thank everyone for their regular commitment, enthusiasm and input to training sessions throughout the year, and to thank BUCES for their support as well. The best of luck to those who will be graduating at the end of the year and I wish the team the best for the next season.

With best wishes,

John Redwood

Eagles Captain 2015-16