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Rishi Singh

Rishi Sher Singh completed his MBA International Business in 2014 and is now working as a Business Advisor for Strategy & Sustainability in India.

What have you been doing since graduation? Could you tell us about the role/s you are currently in and what it involves?

I’ve been discovering new aspects about my work and creating many possibilities. I’m in the process of setting up a consulting company in sustainability, thus things are super exciting. I had a wonderful time working for a consulting company in Somerset, soon after graduating from the Business School. My MBA has certainly added to my understanding of businesses, which is critical in running consultancies. Becoming a father in May 2015 was the perfect way to start the next step of my life. 

Are you still a regular visitor back to the University? Have you visited since you left?

Yes, I’ve been a regular visitor to the Business School. Sharing of knowledge creates new possibilities and my core values are strongly rooted in giving back to society. I’ve conducted guest lectures on sustainability with MSc students and was on the panel in 2015 for Careers in Consulting. I’m also a University ambassador and mentor, thus in constant contact with individuals who are aspiring a career in sustainability.

Are you in regular touch with the friends you made at Birmingham?

Life gets very busy after graduation when there is a sudden rush to put theory into practice. Thankfully, I’ve been in touch with some of my classmates and we regularly communicate or meet up. I’ve made friends for life during those wonderful days at UoB.

What did you learn during your time at University that you’ve found really valuable since leaving?

Working in a multicultural team is the best learning from my MBA. We had more than 15 nationalities in our group, which was an awesome experience. Understanding of linking business drivers with sustainability is helping me engage with companies in an effective way. A very valuable thing was also the ability to take risks in life and push boundaries of mundane thinking.