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Researchers from Project PERFECT will be giving a series of talks in June and July 2016.

Ema Sullivan-Bissett will present a talk on "Delusional Experience” at the Sensing Strange Things Workshop at the University of St. Andrews on 4-5 June 2016. She will also deliver a talk on "Implicit Bias and Unconscious Imagining" at the Joint Session of the Mind Association and the Aristotelian Society in Cardiff, 9-10 July.

Lisa Bortolotti will be a keynote speaker at the British Society for the Philosophy of Science Annual Conference in Cardiff, 7-8 July, with a talk entitled "What’s Positive about Positive Illusions?”.

Kathy Puddifoot will deliver a talk entitled “The Illusory Nature of the Ethical/Epistemic Dilemma over Stereotyping” at the International Congress of Psychology  in Yokohama, 24-29 July 2016. She will also participate in the “Philosophy of Mind and Mental Illness Symposium” at the University of Tokyo, Komaba Campus, 30-31 July, and deliver a talk entitled: “Mindreading, Stereotyping and Mental Illness”.