Photograph of Professor Martin Trybus

Qualification, Selection and Exclusion in EU Procurement  (ISBN:9788757437133) is the seventh volume of the European Procurement Law Series, co-edited by IEL Director Professor Martin Trybus with Professor Martin Burgi (Munich) and Professor Steen Treumer (Copenhagen).

This edited collection contains an in-depth analysis of the qualification phase-exclusion, qualification, selection, and shortlisting in EU public procurement law. The topic is of crucial importance in EU tender procedures and has been considered in numerous disputes in the EU. This volume supplements the fifth volume in the same European Procurement Law Series about the award phase. It considers the implications of the new public procurement directive 2014/24/EU, with focus on the qualification phase, and includes an analysis of the implementation of the new directive in a range of Member States.

The publication follows an original comparative approach covering diversified national approaches to EU public procurement law. It provides the reader with an insight that cannot be found elsewhere, and includes specific chapters on the state of law and developments in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Romania. Also included are a number of comparative chapters on specific issues of particular interest in theory and practice.

This book is a valuable tool for development of public procurement regulation and practice in the EU. It will be of interest to practitioners, national law makers, complaints boards, national courts, the European Commission and the Court of Justice and academics. One of the two workshops preparing this edited collection was held in Birmingham in July 2015 . The first three volumes of the European Procurement Law Series are available in the new open access IEL Birmingham Library.