Training military personnel is essential before they face real-life situations in the field but the to do so is resource intensive, time consuming and expensive. Technology is advancing at an ever increasing pace and military equipment can struggle to keep up.

Virtual Reality: The Future Of Military Training

The Human Interfaces Technologies (HIT) team at the University of Birmingham, in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence, is pioneering advanced training techniques using the latest software, simulations, virtual reality and mixed reality. The HIT team, led by Professor Stone, is looking 20 years into the future by utilising innovative methods within a rapidly evolving technologic environment to develop tools which could replicate experiences on the battlefield and even find their way onto the field itself. 

Forces TV recently visited the team at the University of Birmingham to report on the research. The results of their visit can be located on the Forces TV website where you can find out more of the research being carried out within the department.