The University of Birmingham's Dr Ronan Ryan and Professor Tom Marshall are celebrating their recent win of a Royal College of Physicians’ (RCP) Excellence in Patient Care Award, presented at Medicine 2017, the RCP’s annual conference.


Dr Ryan and Professor Marshall were part of a collaborative research team that joined together industry, the NHS and academia on the development, validation and implementation of the Electronic Frailty Index (the eFI).

The eFI represents a major innovative advance in the care of older people because, for the first time, it enables identification of frailty using existing primary care data without the need for a resource-intensive clinical assessment. 

The eFI has been implemented in the leading UK primary care electronic health record systems and is available across the UK. The reach and impact of this project is illustrated by the fact that the research paper was the most downloaded and cited paper in the journal Age and Ageing in 2016; the eFI was recommended in the 2016 NICE Multimorbidity Guidelines to identify adults who are at risk of adverse events such as unplanned hospital admission or admission to care homes.

The RCP Excellence in Patient Care Awards 2017 aim to recognise, celebrate and promote the work that physicians do to improve patient-centred care through education, policy, clinical practice and research.