A first management meeting of the new EU funded Innovative Training Network on Transatlantic Trade and Investment was held at the Brussels premises of the University of Birmingham.

The Network is coordinated by Professor Martin Trybus – supported by Project Manager Jude Williams - based at the University of Birmingham. It also includes the Universities of Nottingham, City London, Rotterdam, Speyer, Passau, Turin, and ETH Zurich, and the IFO in Munich, CEPII in Paris, and the Royal Institute of International Relations in Brussels.

The Brussels meeting focussed on the recruitment of the 15 Early Career Researchers who will conduct the 15 funded PhD research projects across the 11 institutions of the network. Moreover, the meeting discussed the first Advanced Training Courses the new researchers will attend, their secondments to partners inside and outside academia, and the Kick-off meeting after their recruitment to be held in Birmingham in October 2017. The project started in April 2017 and will complete in March 2021. 

Martin Trybus in Brussels

Participants of the meeting in the Shakespeare Room of the University of Birmingham Brussels premises, left to right: sitting Prof Herrmann (University of Passau), Prof Amtenbrink (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Prof Heine (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Prof Fontaigne (CEPII, Paris), standing first row: Prof Egger (ETH Zurich), Prof Kenner (University of Nottingham), Prof Caranta (University of Turin), Jude Williams (Project Manager, University of Birmingham), Prof Trybus (Network Coordinator, University of Birmingham), Prof Weiss (University of Speyer), second row: Dr Battisti (IFO, Munich), Dr Ujvari (Egmont, Brussels, Dr Bensassi (University of Birmingham).