Professors Jeffrey Braithwaite and Russell Mannion at the Health Services Management centre have edited a new book documenting case studies of successful health care improvement from around the world - Health Systems Improvement Across the Globe:  Success Stories from 60 Countries.  

Following on from their previous book, 2015's Healthcare Reform, Quality and Safety: Perspectives, Participants, Partnerships and Prospects in 30 Countries, this book encompasses a global perspective on health care while shifting the focus from reform to showcasing success stories of healthcare systems worldwide. It provides explanations of why various facets of healthcare systems work well in different contexts and offers the reader alternative models for consideration. The book features contributions from 60 countries, going much further than the common practice of focusing on affluent Western nations, to provide a comprehensive exploration of the success of healthcare systems globally.

The majority of literature on health-sector improvement attempts to address the problems within systems, relating the errors that can and do occur, for example, and offering solutions and preventative strategies. This book of country case studies will approach the enhancement of health systems, patient safety and the quality of care in a new and innovative way, comprehensively surveying and synthesising the success stories of healthcare systems around the world, utilising Hollnagel's Safety-II approach to acknowledge the importance of exploring what goes right, what works well, and why it works. These success stories include reference to macro, meso or micro levels of healthcare systems, various sectors (e.g. aged care, acute care or primary care), and specific programs or projects.