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Project PERFECT doctoral researcher Magdalena Antrobus has recently passed her viva with a dissertation on epistemic and psychological benefits of depression, externally examined by Bill Fulford.

One of her papers on the epistemic innocence of optimistically biased beliefs, co-authored with Lisa Bortolotti and Ema Sullivan-Bissett, is forthcoming in a volume entitled Reasoning: Essays on Theoretical and Practical Thinking, edited by M. Balcerak Jackson & B. Balcerak Jackson, and published by Oxford University Press.

Project PERFECT network member Rachel Gunn has also recently passed her viva with a dissertation on delusions and affective framing, externally examined by Michelle Maiese. Rachel wrote an article with Lisa Bortolotti, entitled “Can delusions play a protective role?”, where they discuss the philosophical significance of the empirical work Rachel conducted during her PhD. The article is forthcoming in Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences.