Birmingham Business School and the Department of Economics are pleased to welcome Nobel Prize winner Professor Al Roth on campus today ahead of his guest lecture tonight, “Who Gets What: The New Economics of Matchmaking and Market Design”.

Professor Roth has been described as “an economist who saves lives”, with his research being applied to kidney donation exchange, public schools and medical students. Ahead of his guest lecture tonight, Professor Roth said that “Birmingham has made some great hires [and] its now on the map in experimental Economics and the study of markets and behaviour”.

In his talk tonight, he will be talking about “matching markets and market design. Matching markets are basically all the markets in which you can’t just choose what you want, but you also have to be chosen, so getting into University for instance is a matching market. One of the things I’ll talk about is kidney exchange, my colleagues and I have been able to help facilitate living donor kidney transplants in the United States, in a way that is also taking place now here in Britain.”

Below is a preview of our meeting with Prof. Roth, with further videos coming shortly.