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In the Department of Economics within Birmingham Business School, we emphasise Responsible Economics. Every decision we make, as individuals and right up to the level of global business and government, is based on scarcity and choice. The world has limited resources – and they’re becoming more limited every day. As ‘responsible economists’ we must ensure those resources are used strategically and fairly to make people and society as a whole better off.

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Shah, MH, Ullah, I, Salem, S, Ashfaq, S, Rehman, A, Zeeshan, M & Fareed, Z 2022, 'Exchange Rate Dynamics, Energy Consumption, and Sustainable Environment in Pakistan: New Evidence From Nonlinear ARDL Cointegration', Frontiers in Environmental Science, vol. 9, 814666.

Barry, TA, Lepetit, L, Strobel, F & Tran, TH 2022, 'Implications for bank risk when directors are related to minority shareholders', Journal of Financial Services Research.

Burro, G, McDonald, R, Read, D & Taj, U 2022, 'Patience decreases with age for the poor but not for the rich: an international comparison', Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol. 193, pp. 596-621.

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