Dr Guldberg has been commissioned by the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), an initiative of the Qatar Foundation, to examine current access to and quality of education provided to individuals with autism in Qatar. Qatar's National Autism Plan for autism was launched on 17th April 2017, so this research is timely. She and her research team have conducted fieldwork with individuals with autism, parents and carers, professionals and policy makers, including representatives from the Ministry of Education. The study will culminate in recommendations for policy and practice and will be disseminated at the WISE global summit in November 2017. This project builds on the work Dr Guldberg has led with the Transform Autism Education Project. The research team involved in this work are Dr Lila Kossyvaki (Co-Investigator), Dr Elaine Ashbee, Ryan Bradley and Abdullah Basulayyim, with administrative support from Claire Robson.