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Three members of ITSEE have been invited to present at the conference "Herman Hoskier and the Future of Textual Scholarship on the Bible" in Dublin this week.

The conference, sponsored by the Irish Research Council as part of its 'Decade of Centenaries', celebrates the work of Herman Charles Hoskier, a New Testament textual scholar active in Dublin after the First World War. It is organised by Dr Garrick Allen, Lecturer in New Testament at Dublin City University, who also participated in the Ninth Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament.

Dr Hugh Houghton will speak on "The Garland of Howth: A Neglected Old Latin Witness in Matthew", a manuscript of the Latin Gospels held in Dublin and edited by Hoskier. Dr Catherine Smith's presentation, "Old Wine, New Wineskins" considers the use of digital tools in editing the New Testament, reflecting the ongoing value of the data gathered by Hoskier. Professor David Parker will conclude the conference with a keynote address on the future of New Testament textual scholarship.

Among the other papers are a presentation by DDr Christina Kreinecker, an honorary fellow of ITSEE, on the Papyrological Commentary on the New Testament, and a public lecture by Dr Garrick Allen on the life and work of Hoskier. The international conference also includes participants from Germany, Sweden, Holland, Switzerland, the USA and Canada.