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The Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics hosted a Workshop on the Applications of Pattern Grammar between 19 to 21 July 2017.

Professor Susan Hunston talking about Pattern Grammar in Language Teaching

Susan Hunston presenting on the applications of Pattern Grammar

Susan Hunston and Gill Francis presented on the applications of Pattern Grammar (Hunston and Francis 1999) to Language Teaching and Lexicography, and Patrick Hanks also gave a special presentation. 

Participants in the workshop were professionals in language teaching, lexicography and translation from around the world, including China, France, Malaysia and the UK. The participants were offered a sneak preview of Collins Grammar Patterns Online - an upcoming resource from HarperCollins - which will make the Pattern Grammar research freely accessible. 

Gill Francis presenting on Pattern Grammar in Lexicography

Gill Francis presenting on the applications of Pattern Grammar

This hands-on demonstration stimulated lots of discussion and fresh ideas about how Pattern Grammarmight be used in a variety of fields.