Professor Jon Glasby

Assembly members heard from a range of expert contributors, who were selected to cover the breadth of opinions on how social care should be funded. Prof Glasby, as one of the contributors, gave his expert insight on the options for public financing of the system and the optimal balance between private and public funding. Following this, the floor was open to assembly members to ask questions which further explored the ideas that were presented.

After hearing from all presenters, assembly members will discuss what they have heard and reach a set of recommendations. The assembly’s recommendations will feed into the select committee’s inquiry in to social care funding. Members of the select committee will consider them, alongside other evidence submitted, when deciding on their own recommendations for how adult social care should be funded.

As a University, we run the UK’s oldest social work programme having started delivering training to give social workers formal qualifications in 1908. As well as this, the University’s Business School has a long-standing history with its research into the future of social work such as: