Agewell 2018

The University of Birmingham's annual Agewell event took place in Birmingham city centre on Monday 10 September, led by Professor Janet Lord, Director of the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing and the MRC-Versus Arthritis Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research.

Agewell is a free educational event for the Birmingham 1000 Elders group, who regularly contribute to age-related research studies at the University of Birmingham.

The event focuses on communicating the latest research in healthy ageing, and is delivered by some of the leading academics in this field from the University. This year's event was attended by 140 members of the Birmingham 1000 Elders group, with contributions from over 25 speakers and researchers.

Professor Lord states: "It is important to thank the Birmingham 1000 Elders who support research into the causes of human ageing at the University of Birmingham. The Agewell event is also an opportunity to feedback to our volunteers the findings of our research and in that way give them as much information as we can to ensure they are empowered to adopt healthy lifestyles and age well!"

Activities and talks included subjects such as mindfulness, eye health, podiatry, oral hygiene, muscle strength, donating your body to medical research, exercise, laughter yoga, infection, rheumatoid arthritis and sleep. Delegates also had the chance to speak directly to researchers and sign up for forthcoming ageing studies.