While it may be summer, things haven’t really slowed down for CHASM activities (contrary to popular belief, academics don’t get summer off!).

Andy Lymer

We have been pleased to play host three international visitors as part of our new International Research Fellows scheme – more details on who these were and how we will be working with them over the next year can be found below.

We also held our annual conference since we have been in touch last. Do please read our write up on the event here. You can also see all of the speakers’ presentations and a summary video giving the highlights on our event page for the Conference.

We also held our Advisory Board meeting on the same day – who are our Advisory Board? Do check out a new video we have just created to introduce some of them to you and for them to talk about why they are so supportive of CHASM’s work in their own words.

Do please keep an eye on our website over the next few months as we are going to be providing a lot more information of the various projects we are engaged in for your information.

Many thanks for your continued support of all that CHASM is doing. 

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