The University will formally review CHASM each year.

Advisory Board 

Academic community

  • Professor Tina Harrison, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Debora Price – Professor of Gerontology, Sociology, The University of Manchester 
  • Professor Thomas Shapiro – Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University

Policy and Business/Third Sector Communities

  • Chris Curry, Pensions Policy Institute
  • William Derban - Global Director for Digital Financial Service 
  • Joanna Elson, Money Advice Trust 
  • Andrew Fisher, Towry Law
  • Sian Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Switchback

Meet the CHASM Advisory Board

Meet the CHASM Advisory Board

Back row - 
Lee Gregory (CHASM core member), Tania Burchardt (Advisory Board Member & LSE). Adele Atkinson (Advisory Board Member & OECD), Andy Lymer (CHASM Director), Andy Mullineux (CHASM Core Member), Helen Harris (CHASM Administrator)
Front row - Tom Shapiro (Advisory Board Member & Brandeis University, USA), Joanna Elson (Advisory Board Chair & Money Advice Trust) and Chris Curry (Advisory Board Member & Pension Policy Institute)

CHASM advisory board

Below: Advisory Board meeting 2018CHASM Conference 2018