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The University of Birmingham has extended its partnership with the European Commission’s science and knowledge service (Joint Research Centre) that provides independent scientific advice and support to European Union policymakers.

The University has held a Collaboration Agreement with the Joint Research Centre (JRC) since 2014 covering a growing range of research areas including engineering and physical sciences, medical, life and environmental sciences, and social sciences.

Signing the extension allows Birmingham and the JRC to continue with a range of joint activities including staff and student placements, visits and workshops, training programmes, seminars, summer schools and guest lectures.

Within the College of Life and Environmental Sciences, there are a number of key activities that researchers are engaging with the JRC on including:

  • Environmental ‘omics’ (precision toxicology) – Professors John Colbourne and Mark Viant
  • Characterization of nanomaterials (characterization of nanomaterials properties and behaviour for health and safety applications)
    Professors Eugenia Valsami-Jones and Iseult Lynch
  • Microplastics (in relation to human health and environment)
    Professors Iseult Lynch and Eugenia Valsami-Jones
  • Urban Change (urban and regional development and environmental challenges)
    Dr Lauren Andres

Please feel free to contact any of the above individuals to explore further their experience of interacting with the JRC and what it has meant to them and their research.  Alternatively, if you wish to know more about the JRC then please contact Sally Wiley (