Professor Bob Stone, Director of the Human Interface Technologies Team, will be giving a lecture at New Scientist Live on 22 September 2018.

Taking place at the ExCeL in London over the weekend of 20 -23 September, Professor Stone will be joining forces with BAE Systems' Principal Technologist, Professor Nick Colosimo, to talk about the future of Mixed Reality in advanced command and control systems and military cockpits.

A veteran of the virtual, augmented and mixed reality community, Bob’s talk will also present the very latest developments with the HIT Team's Medical Emergency Response Team training project and will hint at an exciting future for Mixed Reality, allowing schoolchildren and members of the public to take part in the 2020 transatlantic crossing of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship.

Professor Bob Stone will be giving his lecture on Saturday 22 September at 10:30 - 11:10. To book tickets, please visit the  New Scientist Live website.