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Memory and Legal System

Staff from the Applied Memory and Cognition Lab, in the Centre for Applied Psychology, will be running a free series of online presentations for the upcoming ESRC Social Sciences Festival. The Festival, taking place between the 3rd-10th of November, celebrates pioneering social, economic and political research and its impact on everyday life. The title of the programme is ‘Memory and the Legal System'.  It seeks to capture the many effects of memory on the legal system, and vice versa. Presentation topics include post-traumatic stress and memory; victim alcohol intoxication and memory for sexual violence; memory accuracy in lineup parades; and innovative and cost-effective techniques for collecting and preserving memory evidence in the legal system.

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You can access the presentations on the lab website starting on November 3rd

This programme is being led by Dr Heather Flowe, Dr Melissa Colloff, Ms Danielle Hett, Dr Lisa Smith and Ms Laura Stevens.