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Profile photo of Barn Gulzaar

The Department of Philosophy is delighted to announce that Gulzaar Barn joined the University in January as a Lecturer in Philosophy.

Gulzaar works on moral, political, and feminist philosophy, and is particularly concerned with exploring the ethical dimensions of contemporary practical issues, such as punishment, health, and work. She will be a fantastic addition to the growing Centre for the Study of Global Ethics.

Gulzaar took her DPhil in Philosophy at Mansfield College, Oxford. Her doctoral research explored exploitation and coercion in transactions that involve the human body, and was funded by the Wellcome Trust, under the Society and Ethics Doctoral Studentship scheme. Prior to this, she completed an undergraduate degree in Philosophy at the University of Manchester (2011), and an MA in Legal and Political Theory at UCL (2012). Gulzaar is particularly interested in engaging with policymakers on ethical issues, and has undertaken research on behalf of the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology where she produced a briefing report for parliamentarians on ‘Sugar and Public Health.’