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Professor Robert Stone, Director of the Human Interface Technologies (HIT) Team at the University of Birmingham, has discussed the future impact of Virtual Reality (VR) and its relationship with Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the latest episode of the Jisc tech podcast.

Professor Stone is interviewed alongside the historian Sir Anthony Seldon by Jisc host and futurist, Marc Hamilton. Together, they provide a realistic assessment of the often misunderstood field of Artificial Intelligence and discuss how future technologies can enhance the teaching process.

Following on from his recent conversation with The Future of Learning podcast, Professor Stone delves deeper into his research and current projects that range from Mixed Reality simulations used for teaching RAF trainee medics, to creating Virtual Reality environments to support cognitive and physical rehabilitation in patients.

Jisc is UK higher, further education and skills sectors’ not-for-profit organisation for digital services and solutions.

You can listen to the podcast by following the link below:

Jisc podcast - What the Edtech?! Episode nine: the rise of the robots - future tech in education