Left to right: Dr Marie-Christine Jones, Dr Lisa Hill and Pradip Nirbhavane

Pradip Nirbhavane has been selected for the prestigious University of Birmingham India Institute Fellowship. He has previously been working as a Senior Research Fellow at the University Institute of Pharmaceutical SciencesPanjab University

Led by Dr Lisa HillProfessor Alastair Denniston and Dr Marie-Christine Jones, Pradip’s collaborative research will focus on interdisciplinary Indo-British work in ocular drug delivery using novel lipidic nanocarriers to delivery anti-inflammatory treatments for uveitis (inflammation of the middle layer of the eye).

This ground-breaking research will aim to develop a drop-based therapy for uveitis to replace the invasive injections into the back of the eye that are currently endured by patients.  

Dr Hill explains: “It’s an exciting opportunity to be involved in a international collaboration like this. It really highlights the significant impact for the University of Birmingham India Institute and for the University's Ophthalmology team.”

Pradip has previously been researching 'Systematic Development of Drug Nanocarriers for Effective Delivery of Anti-Inflammatory Agents' under the supervision of Professor OP Katare and Professor Bhupinder Singh Bhoop.

Pradip says: “I’m very proud to be a part of the University of Birmingham. I’d like to extend my thanks to Professor Denniston, Dr Lisa Hill, Dr Marie-Christine Jones, and University of Birmingham India Institute, who have helped facilitate this exciting opportunity.”