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Christmas Image

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the College,

All researchers were sharing, sharing their knowledge;

The academics were marking their papers with care,

In the hopes that soon no mistakes would be there;

The Cyber Security Group checked their codes,

Ensuring safety prevails when in online mode;

The Quantum Hub scanned the roads for Christmas,

Making sure that the traffic ran smoothly for business;

When out in Tyesley, there arose such a clatter,

'Twas the biomass power plant, disposing waste matter;

Creating clean energy to sanitise air,

The Healthcare Tech Institute progressing skin care;

Removing scars, burns and remodelling tissue,

Injuries from log fires were no longer an issue;

Working on antimicrobial resistance,

Mathematicians were praised for their insight and brilliance;

Astronomers out in the dark were studying stars,

When something flew by, a plane or a car?

No, 'twas the BCRRE hydrogen train,

Filled with gifts and with presents but no time to explain;

Containing upcycled plastics from chemists you see,

The train moved with speed to the EPS tree;

Where all members of staff then received Christmas gifts,

The students too were ticked off the long list;

Met and Mat recycled batteries from presents,

While Formulation Engineering lit the mince pie incense;

And as everyone drove off for the break and out of sight,

The New Core team strove on from hard work to the heights,

And Andy Schofield exclaimed as he turned off the lights:

“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!"