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Collage of images of Mixed Reality subsea mine detection workstation demo
Collage of a Mixed Reality training simulation

Professor Robert Stone, Director of  the Human Interface Technologies (HIT) Team at the University of Birmingham, has been interviewed for The Future of Learning podcast, discussing the contribution Virtual Reality can make to learning and development.

On the podcast, Professor Stone discusses how Virtual and Augmented Reality technology enables people to safely learn new skills within an immersive simulation of a real-life environment. For example, the HIT Team is developing a Mixed Reality Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) training for the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, which will give future paramedics a real sense of what it is like to be in a Chinook military helicopter on the way to a casualty incident.

Created by Lloyd Dean, Head of Digital & Innovative Learning at the energy company EDF,  The Future of Learning podcast aims to bring learning and development, further and higher education closer together through exploration of common challenges.

You can listen to the podcast using the player below or via The Future of Learning website.