Professor Colin Diamond CBE, Professor of Educational Leadership at the School of Education spoke about inclusion in schools on the Dubai Eye Radio this afternoon.


Colin discussed how teachers and teaching assistants should focus on making a difference to children’s outcomes by engaging children with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

The classroom should be a cohesive social unit where SEN children are included as much as possible, an integrated classroom alongside additional support is something parents really value. The schools that do this well have higher levels of staff training and continuing professional development where they learn to proactively spot and address children’s needs.

Colin has been very impressed with the developments and quality of ISEN education here in the United Arab Emirates, but noted that it’s important to continue an open dialogue and upskill staff on what inclusion really means. KHDA’s strong push towards inclusion which fits well within the University of Birmingham’s specialisms and inclusion will continue to sit high on the education policy agenda within the UAE and Globally.

Listen to the full podcast here

Colin is presenting at the COBIS/researchED Innovation in Education Conference April 2019 hosted by Dubai College on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th April 2019.